F4U Corsair : Plans

I finally finished the F4U Corsair's plans for more than 3 months working on it. I started on January 10th and finished on March 26th. This Corsair is my 7th homemade plane, and it is also one of the coolest looking plane that I ever made. The most difficult things when designing this plans was when design the constructions of the wing. I use two balsa spars, that was new method for me. It worked out well, until I crashed the wing to the concrete

pavement, so recommend to use plywood instead of balsa for the spars. The maiden was very successful, it can fly well on the first try.  I use retract landing gear but you can use non retract, I include the landing gear drawing on the plans.


Plane Specification :
Wingspan : 1200 mm
Fuselage Length : 910 mm
Flying Weight : 1100 gram
Main Material : Polyfoam 5 mm, 2mm Balsa / Plywood,
Suggested motor : min 330 watt, 750 - 850 kv
Suggested prop : 11x7 3 blade / 12x6 2 blade
Servo : 6 (ailerons, rudder+steering, elevator and flaps)
Landing gear : tail dragger , steerable tail wheel.
Plan pages : 32 in A4 (tiled)

Download F4U Corsair : Plans A4 (Tiled)

Download F4U Corsair : Plans A0

Download F4U Corsair : Decal