Cessna 185 1300 mm Plan

This is my 6th homemade RC airplane, but I share the plan first with you. Actually this Cessna 185 was not on my wish list, it was a commissioned model. I was paid by my fellow Gaero forum member to design the plan, build it and test it. This plane is the first plane that crashed of her first maiden flight, although I never had it on the previous plane. Then after investigated the crash, I had a conclusion.

It was because the horizontal stabilizer not in the correct angle, so I had to make an adjustment then it flew nicely on the second flight. Don't worry the plan that I share now is already the correct version. The file is in PDF file A4 size, with password protection : diyfoamplane.com


Plane Specification :
Wingspan : 1300 mm
Fuselage Length : 810 mm
Flying Weight : 1000 gram
Main Material : Polyfoam 5 mm, 2mm Balsa / Plywood, 6 mm Alluminium tube
Suggested motor : min 200 watt, 800-1550 kv
Suggested prop : 8x4 - 9x6
Servo : 4 (ailerons, rudder, elevator)
Landing gear : tail dragger , fixed tail wheel.
Plan pages : 21 in A4 (tiled)

Cessna 185 1300 mm Plan [download] password = diyfoamplane.com
Build Log [build photos]